Religion, Science or Magic, The Many Mysteries Of Life

We are by our very nature a curious species. We all look at the clear night sky in wonderment of what is or what could be. For some they find their answers in god and the bible, some find theirs in the fact filled pages of science journals and books. Others could care less either way and don’t believe in anything. Everyone comes to their own conclusion because everyone in the world is unique and I think that we should quit getting so upset over who believes what. Life is a mystery to us all and everyone should seek their own answers to it, their own path, No one answer is either right or wrong. So don’t hate someone who doesn’t come to the same conclusion as you or I, just acknowledge them, share your ideas peacefully, don’t force them upon the world because the world is a plethora of ideas from us all. It is not a one size fits all world.

As for myself, I have no answers for you here. I don’t believe in the god we hear about from the bible. I believe we were created but by who or what that is real question. To me the endless question would be if we were created by one all powerful being, who then created him and so on and so on. I think life is larger than we ever can imagine, not constrained to one planet or one star system. I think it knows no boundaries and exists every where we look. I think we’ve not found life because we think life as defined by the parameters that exist on Earth as we know it. But to me I believe life can exist anywhere on any environment. We’ve just not looking for the right signs. As a hole I think we are like seeds planted in a garden, planted hear by a larger species to grow and evolve on our on. Occasionally guiding us through primitive years till we were sustainable. I think their were seeds planted here , mars , every planet we see but those gardens didn’t grow for various different reasons. They evolved each into unique places that while may be inhabitable for us , may as well be a playground for different forms. Who planted those seeds is the mystery but maybe those constellations we see at night, maybe those aren’t just coincidence maybe if we connect the dots just right way one day we’ll see that their something more, maybe a map or message for us to read one day when were ready . In the End it’s all just a guess but one thing I do know is that life is a grand journey if you make it one. Explore every avenue life gives you, pursue your dreams every day till your gone. Don’t shelter your mind to one way of thinking , embrace everything and live life to it’s highest potential . Carpe Diem ,, Seize the Day!


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