The Mind or lack their of , of George W Bush

After doing Bush Impersonations forever and a day I decided to translate the farce into

an open letter from the limited mind of the bumbling president.  Hope you have a laugh here. WIN_20150130_185046

An open letter from your president of the world , George W Bush

Hello America
This is Your President of the Worlds
Gorge W Bush.

In my absence since Tiger Woods became presidents many things have been said about me and fellow republicans that are simply not true. Democrats n Liberals are trying to brain wash your with things life facts, science and statitstics or however the hell ya spell that word. I’m here to set the record straight or at least dust the record of,,,,come to think of it why is called a record??? I’ve never heard music from it…….. HMM OH were was I , anyways America and fellow people of other nations like the united states I’m here to teach once anda for all that we republicans are not dum b.

First things first , this whole global warming thing is just plain wrong. Come on people snow melts in the summer , it doesn’t just stay snow all the time. I mean it’s summer of course it’s freaking hot. It cain’t be 34 degrees all the time. So what the North Poles a million mile swimming pool now it’ll come back in winter. How the hell would Frosty the snowman make movies if global warmings done melted him away. Come winter time the hole issue will be done. Now some democrats and president Simba try to say that this is all climate change and that it’s caused that guy el negro to screw with the weather. Well America I’m here to tell you two things , A climate changes all the time people, its called seasons summer , summer , sometimes winter and then summer again . And B if this El Negro guy is at his old tricks again then America will go to war against this terrorist bastard. We will build a coalition of allies like,,,,,uhhhhh , GI Joe,,,and He Man and the very polite but powerful Canadian Army. We will hunt El Negro down and stop his weather terrorism plots before they start.

Now then this hole renewable energy stuff. Look democrats and so called “scientis”t try to lie to you to make you believe that so called “fossil fuels” are running out. Using such things like charts and data to sway your minds . Let me tell you something democrats , first fossil fuels makes no sense. You ciant make gas out of a dead dinosaur. Their all gone sept for that park that guy built and brought a few back to life but still that’s besides the points. Gas is a liquid not a solid you cant turn a damn bone into gas and if ya could hell why worry with dinosaaurs hell we could go to a graveyard and fill the fuck up for free. Dig up your old pets ,,,free gas. See merica it just don’t make sense. Another so called bright idea is solar energy and it too my friends is DuMB with a capitol B. I don’t know if you liberals have realized it but the Sun goes away at night and sometimes in the rain. I’m not sure were it goes or what it’s agenda is but I’ve got a whole team of peole working on figuring out were it goes. People like Dick Cheyne , Condensenda Rice and that guy with a name for Butt Coin Powe. Untill we know how to stop the sun from leaving we cant use solar energy it just aint efficient . Instead I say go to the gas station and get your energy . They all have gas that I’ve seen. If ya run out just buy more.
Thank you American Untill Next Time.


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