Innovating Solar Energy for a dying planet.

If you keep up with science news as I do, you’ve no doubt read the headlines that our planet is now on the brink of being inhabitable due to rising temperatures and pollution.  We needn’t look only to our closest galactic neighbour Venus to see what lies ahead for ourselves.  A hot carbon monoxide hell of a world that can melt and crush you if anyone ever reached it’s surface.  Polticians argue every day whether global warming is a myth and pour money into alternative fuels that one day claim to cut our carbon foot print, but no one’s talking about the cleanest, free energy in the world : Solar Energy.  We just recently discovered that Japan now possesses the technology to beam solar power from space to Earth.  In that vein of thought I have an idea to make a totally green world.  I’m no scientist granted,  nor do I profess to be an expert on solar power but I do think that we could do wonderful things to give free energy and that our government doesn’t want this simply because they couldn’t tax us on it.

If one imagines space and is asked whats the most beautiful thing to see , it’s probably Saturn and it’ dynamic ring system.  It’s those rings that surround the massive gas giant that inspired me with a new idea.  If solar power is indeed capable of being beamed to earth then why not build a ring system around earth of solar arrays that can be built a piece at a time just as the space station was.  Each nation could build it’s own arrays over time, connecting them little by little until it completely orbits earth.  It would be a project that could power our world, our homes, cars ,  anything we could imagine could be solar powered and completely obliterate our carbon footprint.  It’s also a way for the entire planet to join together and do something that unites the people of different races, different nations as one equal world of individuals.  The next step would be that this ring system could be built onto for orbiting habitats or stations to live on, floating cities built right on to our solar rings.  We could build our spaceships on the stations above earth and not use half the fuel we did fighting to break free of earths atmosphere.  Let alone imagine looking up at the night sky and seeing the glowing rings shimmering with the stars. We could change the world, create millions of jobs and provide our children with a clean beautiful world to live in.
I’m sure that plenty will just dismiss this as someone who doesn’t know space flight or tech whose dreaming too big, look I know it’s something that would be extremely difficult and take a long time but just remember John F Kennedy’s wonderful quote.  “We choose to do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard”


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