To all the biggots and homophobes against Caitlyn Jenner.

You know what I’m about damn tired of all this negative bullshit against Caitlyn Jenner. All the people posting shit about you call her brave and not our troops. Look you narrow minded homophobic assholes just shut the fuck up. Shut up and listen. Firstly nobody ever said the damn troops weren’t brave, was there a rally I missed or tv news conference that the public just doesn’t think our soldiers are brave.. Of course their brave they give their lives for the country, nobody is saying they aren’t brave idiots. Bravery comes in many forms, a little boy who get’s bullied all the time who finally stands up for himself, that’s brave. Making a big career change to better yourself, that’s brave. Coming out of the closet when you don’t know what the world around you will think that’s brave too. So yes for Bruce Jenner to stand up and publicly go through his gender change was brave. The general public are a pack of snarling wolves that can chew you up over the simplest things, he faced it all head on. Yes she’s brave.


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