My name is Gracen Gragg, of Valdese North Carolina.  I’m a huge tech enthusiast, avid writer of poetry and a lover of music of all forms.  I’m very happily married as of Dec, 1st, 2012 and are currently trying to get on my feet and get my career going.   I’ve been through some ups an downs and still came out on the other side unscathed.   After graduating high school in 2005 I became obsessed with the tech industry in large part from the introduction of the iPhone and a constant yearning to learn how things work, how to improve them.   I went to Ashworth Online University to get a diploma in Computer Repair in the hopes to follow that with A+ Certification some day soon.  I’ve struggled to find my footing in a shrinking world of careers,  I’ve struggled to find my own voice over the noise of the crowd but I’m finally seeing the light creep through the darkness and finally figuring out who I am, who I want to be.   I know the road to success is fraught with many hardships but I’m ready to weather the storm.


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